XL the Band – Opus No.1

XL the Band - Opus No.1 album cover

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Type: Album
Label: Dream Killer
Released: April 2020

XL the Band is a hip hop/alternative fusion band from Canada’s west coast, comprised of Prevail, Rob the Viking, Neph, Liesa Norman, and David Spidel. Their debut album, Opus No.1, sounds exactly like you would expect from such a comprehensive group as this one.

Each member of XL the Band brings something to the mix that blends expertly with the other members; samples, synths, live instruments, rapping, singing – all of it – including production. XL the Band has a great group dynamic and the songs are all quite creative. The music on Opus No.1 ranges from raw hip hop to upbeat, progressive pop.

XL the Band’s first single, Birds (video), was released in June 2019, and the album followed in April 2020. Opus No. 1 is available on Spotify, Apple music, and elsewhere. You can also purchase a signed copy from their website, https://xltheband.com . There is surely more to come.

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