Touch & Moves – 1984

Touch & Moves 1984 album cover

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Type: Album
Released: December 2021

Edmonton’s Touch strikes again with his east coast counterpart, Moves, on his latest project, 1984.

1984 by Touch and Moves sounds sinister. The album is everything you should expect under such a title, except you are not prohibited from listening (…yet?).

Touch carries the listener though 9 tracks of dystopian anecdotes with conspiratorial and often cynical rhymes about the most unsettling facets of society, such as war, betrayal, and even police brutality. All of this overtop of the slow, calamitous music by Moves.

This project is Touch’s first solo release since 2020’s Electric Sheep, with DJ Matto.

Check out 1984 on Spotify or grab it from Hand’Solo Records on Bandcamp.

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