Timbuktu – It’s Alright in the Daylight

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Type: Album
Released: 2021

Toronto’s Timbuktu returns in the summer of 2021 with his new album, It’s Alright in the Daylight.

It’s Alright in the Daylight is Timbuktu’s 4th solo album and will leave you homesick for your golden era favorites.

Music-wise, It’s Alright in the Daylight is nice, with syllabic stories and mostly mid-tempo, sample-based beats. The cuts are pro, the production is pro… you get the picture.

Feature-wise, it’s just Tim & the fam again. Collaborators include Swamp Thing, Ghettosocks, and DJiRATE, and production credits go out to Timbuktu, Danny Miles, and Savilion.

A great follow up to last year’s Million Pound Note.

Listen to It’s Alright in the Daylight by Timbuktu

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