The Gumshoe Strut – Heartbeat EP

The Gumshoe Strut - Heartbeat EP Cover

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Type: EP
Released: September 2020

The Gumshoe Strut, returns to musicianhood with his 2020 release, Heartbeat EP.

The longtime Peanuts & Corn collaborator has spent his hiatus focusing on himself and his family.

In his own words, Heartbeat EP is ‘a personal journey of growth and maturation. A relatable search for rhythm and progress through the topsy-turvy landscape of everyday life’.  And he’s pretty spot-on, saying that. The Gumshoe Strut sounds true to his early-2000’s style, yet older and wiser on this heartfelt, well-thought out project.

Heartbeat EP will be a welcome listen for fans of independent music more particularly, underground hip hop from the previous era.

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