The Dirty Sample – No!

The Dirty Sample - No! album cover

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Type: Instrumentals
Label: Hand’Solo Records
Released: May 2020

The Dirty Sample is back with his latest release, No!, his first beat tape since 2016’s Pay Up. No! packs plenty of soulful vinyl chops over top of gritty drums at just the right BPMs to make your head nod. (The cover art is cool, too!).

No! is very Donuts-esque, showcasing 17 instrumentals in about 30 minutes, so each song clocks in at under about 3 minutes or less. The beats are each long enough to sound interesting, and your favorites will have you hitting the back button to get another listen in.

The Dirty Sample does a good job of giving us a fluid and consistent listen on No!. The samples are dope and the drum patterns are nice and loose like fans of our era have become accustomed to. These beats are perfect to get some quick freestyles in or even to write some rhymes to but would also make for some good BGM to help you out while you’re just chilling.

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