Mr. ESQ & Konfidential – Court Cases & Funerals

Mr. ESQ & Konfidential - Court Cases & Funerals cover

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Type: Album
Released: 2021

West coast artists, Mr. ESQ & Konfidential put in the work for their 2021 collaboration, Court Cases & Funerals. This is an album that you could probably judge by its cover.

Court Cases & Funerals is real from the beginning as ESQ and Kon start off with stories of conviction and encouraging the youth to take a better path. The project gets a little tougher while the duo gets paper with cohorts like Prada West, and Edmonton’s Kryple, but it doesn’t lose momentum as they go.

Court Cases & Funerals comes back around at the song, I Ain’t Changed, where the two talk about remaining solid with the right people later in life while others have fallen off during the come up – things change even if you don’t – a relatable episode for most of us. The project finishes with a dope and reflective track called I Had It All, with Madchild.

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