Merkules & Evil Ebenezer – Force of Habit

Merkules Evil Ebenezer - Force of Habit album cover

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Type: Album
Label: SDK
Released: May 2020

Force of Habit is a dope collaboration by Merkules & Evil Ebenezer. At only 8 tracks the album is short, but rest assured it’s a good listen from end to end.

The project feels well-rounded, musically. It starts off at a good tempo with On Us, then become tougher on Armed & Dangerous, then take a reflective turn for a few tracks before picking up the pace again. The story telling is good and relatable, and the hooks are pretty easy to catch on to.

Force of Habit has something for all the fans, including live instruments, production by C-Lance and Stuey Kubrick, and engineering by Nato at Up in Arms Studios in Edmonton, AB. Even the cover is fire.

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