Lee Reed – Murder Hornet Landlord

Lee Reed Murder Hornet Landlord cover

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Type: EP
Label: Independent
Released: July 2020

Ontario’s Lee Reed released another tirade of his personal brand of rant-hop, entitled Murder Hornet Landlord. This time around, his project cynically criticizes COVID-19 and “the new normal”.

The Murder Hornet Landlord EP doesn’t hold much back, starting with “What a Fucked Up Time to Be Alive”. This project is a compilation of raw rants about society. Lee Reed says what most people ought to be thinking, at least at times – to put it diplomatically – the world is going downhill fast and there isn’t much you can do about it. Lee Reed’s footnote, “Dark rhymes for dark times”, sums this one up nicely.

Roll one up and watch the world burn to this diatribe against 2020.

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