Fiktion – Daze of the Weak

Fiktion - Daze of the Weak cover

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Type: Album
Label: Independent
Released: July 2020

Alberta MC, Fiktion put out a new project called Daze of the Weak. The project features Frankie Adept, Travis Omen, and Nato.

The self-published, seven song album starts off with a banger on the one-verse, string-heavy, AOTP-style track, Stranger than Fiktion. Overall, the album has a good ride to it. The song “Closer” stands out the most musically, contrasting melancholy chords & lyrics with a bright, upbeat chorus. “Crazy Life” is our playlist pick for its energy (the lyric video is available here).

Fiktion’s Daze of the Weak is available to stream on all platforms.

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