Evil Ebenezer – The Collateral Damage LP

Evil Ebenezer - The Collateral Damage LP cover

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Type: Album
Released: 2021

Evil Ebenezer started off 2021 with a new record, The Collateral Damage LP.

Evil is his typical dark and lamenting self but he’s a little amped up from his last release, Ghost Town, in 2020. As always, EE does a great job harmonizing his way through his songs, especially the choruses. Evil Ebenezer is good at grabbing at your emotions – he makes you want to feel everything with the same depth that he does on his records.

All in, the album is catchy, the beats are heavy, and the subject matter is pretty real.

Evil offers signed copies of The Collateral Damage LP on his website.

Check out the video for Evil Ebenezer’s Collateral Damage.

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