Evil Ebenezer – Evil Thoughts Good Intentions

Evil Ebenezer - Evil Thoughts Good Intentions cover

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Type: Album
Released: 2021

Evil Ebenezer is back in his lane with the 2021 album, Evil Thoughts Good Intentions.

There’s something about Evil Thoughts Good Intentions that suggests Evil might be at a turning point. It might be the sunny vibe on the song “New Day”, which totally sounds like the artist is starting to find his way out of the dark.

Or perhaps it’s that he sang straight up, “I don’t wanna be Evil no more”, with the song he referenced in a recent post saying; “Every time I feel thoughts of doubt or insecurities I just think of my daughter and how far I’ve come as an artist and a man”.

Either way, these are welcome signs of growth and make for a nice follow up to early 2021’s The Collateral Damage LP.

Check out the video for New Day, and stream away on Spotify. Or if you’re feeling supportive, grab it at evilebenezer.com.

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