bRavenous – Ghosts of Rockingham

bRavenous - Ghosts of Rockingham album cover on kicksnare

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Type: Album
Released: 2022

bRavenous is back with his new and anticipated release, Ghosts of Rockingham.

bRavenous sets it off on the right note with Fantastic, a nice solo opener with the right sound and a Mos Def sample you want to shout “Fantastic” along with.

The vibe continues through classic hip hop samples and purposefully chosen vocal cuts to enhance the authentic lyrical experience of the album.

Ghosts of Rockingham clearly demonstrates bRavenous’ growth over the past few years and reflects consistent effort and work ethic… for the team, though. The project features known affiliates such as Ghettosocks, Tachichi, and of course, Uncle Fester.

Previously released singles such as Deep Poetry and Rockingham Style are both good songs, but you will have to hear the rest of the project before you pick a favorite.

Check out the new project on Black Buffalo Records and support Canadian Hip Hop!

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