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Backburner Crew - Continuum album cover

Backburner – Continuum

Canadian hip hop collective Backburner returned as promised with a new headnodder, Continuum. The crew has had Continuum simmering for a while now, having released

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bRavenous Deep Poetry single cover

bRavenous – Deep Poetry

Your man bRavenous returns with his latest single, Deep Poetry. The vibe is just right on this one with a smooth soulful sample and extra-large

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Backburner Crew - Press Eject Cover

Backburner – Press Eject

Canadian hip hop crew, Backburner is setting up to release their new group project Continuum, later in 2022 and follow up early with their latest

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Touch & Moves 1984 album cover

Touch & Moves – 1984

Edmonton’s Touch strikes again with his east coast counterpart, Moves, on his latest project, 1984. 1984 by Touch and Moves sounds sinister. The album is

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